SuperValu Cooking All Stars
SuperValu Cooking All Stars

At SuperValu we are striving to bring families and communities together through food. Cooking is a valuable life skill and starting early will ultimately develop a healthier and more rounded relationship with food. Click here for some great family friendly cooking recipes for you to cook easily with your kids.

This idea was born from our desire to help the next generation to eat healthier and develop an understanding of what constitutes good food. The programme was carefully designed by a panel of nutritionists, chefs and teachers to make sure that both the teachers and the children will enjoy the programme as well as learn about practical life skills and a healthy eating ethos along the way.


What is the SuperValu Cooking All Stars Programme?
Cooking All Stars provides teachers with four lessons about food and cooking and four corresponding practical cooking lessons. Where appropriate, lessons and activities have been aligned to the ‘Food and Nutrition’ strand of the SPHE curriculum and provide opportunities for cross-curricular learning linked to English, Maths, Geography and Science. The programme compromises a circuit teaching approach to facilitate teacher/pupil ratio. Prior to the programme being run in class we will send facilitators into each participating school to run a workshop with participating teachers. Each school will also be provided with basic cooking utensils, classroom activity sheets and recipes to take home.

Who can take part?
This programme is open to all primary schools.

How can my school get involved?
We are asking that interested teachers email us at and we will contact you to discuss your school taking part in the SuperValu Cooking All Stars Programme.

My school is involved how can I order the ingredients for the programme?
You can contact your local SuperValu store or order the ingredients online here.



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