Wine Reviews

We're very proud of the quality and price of our wine. See what the critics have to say about them.

Portico da Ria Alberino

"Crisp, intense, and with a good balance."
Paolo Tullio, Irish Independent


Finca Labarca 2005

"A nicely balanced wine with plenty of fruit and all the classic characteristics of Rioja."
Paolo Tullio, Irish Independent


Lone Kauri Reserve Riesling

"You'd be hard pressed to get a better wine than this...Remarkable value."
Paolo Tullio, Irish Independent


Les Deux Collines Pouilly Fume 2010

"Really joyous stuff, well worth the extra €1 over the Sancerre from the same stable."
Ernie Whalley, Evening Herald


Remy Ferbras Gigondas 2008

"Announces itself with a whiff of sweet cherry but is dry and highly detailed with a lovely creamy texture."
Blake Creedon, Irish Examiner


Remy Ferbras Vacqueyras 2009

"This is an overtly powerful grenache/syrah, mourvedre blend, a dense smoky, meaty red."
Blake Creedon, Irish Examiner


Niel Joubert Reserve Chardonnay 2008 Paarl

"A scent redolent of rich tropical fruits, but finishing dry and crisp on the palate."
Blake Creedon, Irish Examiner


Niel Joubert Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Paarl 2006

"Delightfully fragrant and fresh."
Blake Creedon, Irish Examiner


Finca Labarca Crianza 75cl

"A deep black cherry colour with aromas of vanilla and coffee with notes of red berry fruit and plums."
Star Chic Magazine, Irish Daily Star


Proeza Cabernet Sauvignon Castellao/Artino Chardonnay 75cl

"Wine Lovers are in for a treat as SuperValu have sourced the best tipples at fab prices. From Portugal the elegant Proeza Arinto Chardonnay is full-bodied on the palate with great fruit and a long crisp zesty finish."
Swill Seekers


Catania Tinta Crianza 75cl

"It's an excellent, elegant tempranillo, ripe cherry with flashes of polished wood blooming in the glass."
Blake Creedon, Irish Examiner


Nugan Single Vineyard Range 75cl

"This is a star buy, it's multilayered, dense blackberries and chocolate, hugely interesting wine."
David Whelahan, TV3


Garci Grande 75cl

"Lovely citrus style, crisp and clean, if you enjoy dry white wine you'll absolutely adore this wine."
David Whelahan, TV3


Griffith Park Sparkling White/Rose 75cl

"Bottled fermented and made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, as is Champagne."
John Wilson, Irish Times