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  • Gluten Free Fruit, Nut and Seed Garnola Bars

    Stock up for the month with this healthy gluten free treat which keeps well.

  • Roasted Pepper Cornbread

    This gluten free recipe is a quick and versatile dish - substitute the peppers or corn for other seasonal vegetables. The buttermilk in this recipe makes for a lighter cornbread than the traditional American one. I used SuperValu essentials rectangular roasting tin (34.5 x 24 x 5.5cm). No need to line the tray, just brush with rapeseed oil.

  • Ceviche with Irish Hake

    You can make this Peruvian dish with any firm white fish (sea bass or tuna also work well) but Irish hake is particularly delicious. The citric acidity ‘cooks’ the fish, making it ideal for prepping in advance of a low-fuss summer party.

  • Seafood Marengo

    This seafood casserole is loosely based on the classic Chicken Marengo and a perfect way to celebrate great Irish seafood. You could swap the hake for another Irish-caught fish such as cod or even rainbow trout.

  • Honey semi-fredo with an Amaretti and orange sauce

    The perfect summer dessert.

  • Caprese Salad

    The true secret of this dish is its speed and stylish simplicity.

  • Tagliatelle puttanesca

    Made entirely from the store cupboard, ideal for last minute dinners.

  • Fusilli with brocolli, courgette and gremolata

    Gremolata can be used as a zinging condiment on just about anything.

  • Mildly Spiced Meatballs

    These lightly spiced meatballs are a treat during the summer barbeque months but can also be enjoyed all year round.

  • Panzanella, Italian Bread Salad

    The perfect simple summer salad