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  • Maryanne’s All-Time Favourite Chocolate Cake

    Maryanne’s All-Time Favourite Chocolate Cake

    A gorgeously moist chocolate cake that will WOW any guests....or just shock you into wondering how you made something that tasted so good so easily!

  • Peachy Melba

    The Peach Melba is a classic dessert invented in 1892 for Dame Melba a soprano signer.

  • Blackberry Soufflé with Pastry Cream

    A delicious summer recipe for Blackberry Souffle.

  • All Ireland of Breakfast Recipe

    All-Ireland Breakfast

    My GAA Winning Taste of Summer is a nostalgic one from my childhood and reminds me of the excitement and the big breakfast before heading to Croke Park with my family.

  • Profiterole Religieuse

    These profiteroles are sure to impress at any dinner party and are also perfect fto sweeten up your summer picnic.

  • Pear & Apricot Chutney

    A perfect summer picnic accompaniment.

  • Traditional Potted Shrimps

    These shrimps are perfect for lunch or an early evening snack, perfect also on brown bread or with a large green salad.

  • Crock of Pate

    A perfect picnic accompaniment best served with apricot and pear chutney

  • Hummus

    This is a cheat’s version of hummus because in this incidence we are using sesame seeds instead of the traditional tahini paste. The seeds give just as nice a flavour and give a nice kick to the hummus.

  • Tomato Salad

    This quick salad can be prepared in minutes and is perfect for your picnic basket.