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  • SoupSearch

    Vegetable Soup

    A little squeeze of lemon adds a touch of the Middle East to this soup, keep any leftovers in the fridge.

  • ChicPeaSearch

    Tasty Chickpea Curry with Homemade Raita

    Use a curry paste that you are comfortable with (e.g. mild, medium or hot), you could add a chopped chilli or two for an extra kick!

  • AvocadoSearch

    Avocado, Grated Carrot & Smoked Salmon Roll

    Try with Ham or Turkey Slices, also delicious on a toasted bagel.

  • SearchCheese2

    Feta and Spinach Filo Cases

    A delicious party dish to WOW your guests over the festive season!

  • SearchHamAndMush

    Ham and Mushroom Frittata

    A Beautiful meal to share with friends!

  • SearchSalmon

    Smoked Salmon Bites

    I’m not sure I could go a Christmas without smoked Irish salmon – but there’s so many more serving possibilities than with brown soda bread and a wedge of lemon, as delicious as that is. This gluten-free option allows scope for creativity in terms of what you add to the cream cheese filling.

  • PrawnSearch

    Sweet Gem Prawn and Mango Cups

    SuperValu's cooked King Prawns are peeled, tailed and ready to eat, which makes this easy recipe even simpler. You could try replacing the prawns with cubes of cooked turkey breast, but go heavier on the olive oil and easier on the lime juice, only adding it at the end and only if you think the flavours can handle it.

  • AlmondsSearch

    Spiced almonds

    Who doesn’t love roast nuts, and adding a bit of spice will bring some festive warmth to this more-ish party snack. You can play around with the spices used, and either keep it very simple with salt and smoked paprika or add some chilli heat or festive warmth with Christmassy cinnamon or similar spices.

  • BakedCheeseSearch

    Baked cheese with cranberries and walnuts

    This is super easy and totally indulgent: perfect for wowing a crowd at Christmas. For extra wow-factor, seek out the glorious Raspberry Beret from Wild About, a tangy sweet-sour raspberry and sweet pepper chutney with just a touch of chilli to spice things up.

  • SearchTurkeyAndLeak

    Turkey, Leek & Wholegrain Mustard Bake With Potato Topping

    This is a quirky variation to the traditional creamed potato topping. Without the potato topping this dish is delicious mixed through some hot pasta or served with boiled rice or creamed potatoes